Saturday, 29 March 2014

On the Con Report

Sorry it's been a while since I last posted but life had been incredibly busy, especially with Con season pretty much coming to a close with this weekend's Oz Comic-Con.

I'm currently having a small break at the con a little earlier then I would otherwise have liked, but that's due to combination of exhaustion and a cumbersome costume (Doctor Octopus for those that are interested), so I thought I'd steal this time to make a blog post on my phone.

Like Oz Comic-Con last year is plenty busy, despite some of the bigger names dropping out way to close to the con, and the larger floor space seems to have accommodated it well. That being said my costume's major drawback is the amount of room the tentacles take up so my trip to the floor didn't last that long, although thankfully long enough to meet the vendors I wanted too.

The costumes turn out is one again quite brilliant, with a good range of the cheap and creative to the expensive and elaborate; seeing kids coming in costume and having fun is enough to make this is curmudgeon's heart grow three sizes. The sheer variety of the genres here is incredibly good as well, and I'm happy to see more Trekkies out there in TNG uniforms showing that Abrams didn't fully destroy us with his shitty reboots!

I've still yet to meet, get signatures or take any photos with any of the celebrities here, but that we'll either be when I change costume (yes I bought a backup just in case this one becomes unfeasible) or all be done tomorrow.

So now it's just a matter of finding the rest of my Sinister Six so we can terrorize a little bug, but knowing how much spandex is going around I sincerely doubt they'll have their phones handy.