Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Yeap.. having one of those days. At least I've managed to get a massive amount of ground work down on refurbishing Forbush Man's helmet. Still not in a great mood, fuck you Centrelink.

Monday, 29 April 2013

I've Had Enough...

After a day of lumping and bumping followed by several hours of job searching, I've had enough for one day. Here's my daily commitment, I'm going to do as little as humanly possible for the rest of the night.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Still Getting Over Things...

Still feeling very much under the weather, although not quite as screwed as I was yesterday, but I find myself staring down the barrel of a arbitrary number. I'm currently less then a week away from a 100th post, which I suppose doesn't seem like much but I suppose it feels like a bit of work has gone into this blog so far and I'm hoping I'll feel more inspired to write something when that post comes along. As for now I'm going to attempt to get some sleep .. or more then likely I'll just sit up and watch Arrested Development again whilst playing Sudoku on my phone.

Nexus Collectors Fair .. Or Why I Slept Through Most Of The Evening...

I've been suffering from insomnia for a while now, kinda the reason why most of these post occur at 12am instead of 12pm I suppose, but lately it's been coupled with the fact that these last two days I've had to get up absurdly early so I'm absolutely buggered. Whilst yesterday was a complete load of crap, this morning's Nexus was a load of fun. I might write about it tomorrow when I'm less brain dead.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Sleep Deprivation and Yet Another Early Rise

Had really early morning today as I had a completely pointless Centrelink appointment to keep, however my bastard brain wouldn't let me go to sleep until way past 4 am... the upshot is that I feel like absolute crap and I don't feel much like doing anyway at this time. That being said I did get some stuff done for the Perth Allied Costumers in my more inspired moments, and I got some crap sorted in regards to why my casting keeps failing. So hopefully things will go a bit better tomorrow!


I know I'm late again but I only home a little while ago and needed to defuck my head for a second. And a fifteen minute distraction later, tonight we played two new games, Dominion and The Resistance... well not really on both parts. The version of Dominion is an expansion but it was really an interesting and fun game to play, and played the Resistance scratch built with simple rules and a deck of playing cards to determine who was what. I would go more into this but I'm really tired and I'm going to go check email, facebook, tumblr and hoping go to sleep early because I've got a centrestink appointment tomorrow.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Iron Man 3 – The Mini Review

I’m taking a break from reviewing (and occasionally tweaking) nearly 400 photos I took last night of my fellow members of the Perth Allied Costumers to make a blog post about Iron Man 3... I don’t know yet but this might get a little spoilerish, so I’ll start with a big warning.
(if you find anything that spoils the movie after reading this, on your head be it)
I’ll start by saying that I absolutely freaking loved this film. I thought the first Iron Man was absolutely amazing, it rekindled an interest in old shell head that laid dormant for so long (mostly due to some of the most absolutely terrible writing for so long) and it took what was a relatively obscure hero outside of the comic book realm and thrust him into a pop-culture icon on par with Superman, Batman and Spider-Man. Sadly the second movie just wasn’t quite up there in story wise as the first, although it was still an enjoyable ride just not worth rewatching for the most part.
Shane Black did what needed to be done to the character to make him a worthy hero, especially in the aftermath of The Avengers, and stripped the character down to (almost) nothing and forced Tony to use his incredible intelligence to overcome everything put in his way. Whilst some of it was indeed predictable in that Hollywood way, it was that great left turns in the narrative which made the journey so enjoyable to get there and is also indeed a great source of the humour in this movie.
I suppose looking back what is kinda disappointing in a lot of the other movies is that Tony doesn’t get a chance to use his brain as much as he does in this movie. After developing the first suit in a cave... WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS, Tony pretty much has an almost unlimited amount of resource and zero pressure into all the further problem solving. Realistically the only time he even uses his brain in the fight against Iron Monger was goading him into freezing the suit at high altitude, but beyond that it was essentially a slug fest. Again when he is versus Whiplash the only way they defeated him was by the combined power of his and War Machine’s Omni-beams... not a truly intellectual solution. Although the ending is yet another slugfest, there was enough throughout that you get a good sense of just how smart Tony is and how well he can think in a pinch.
The only real spoilerish thing I want to talk about is what they did with The Mandarin. If you ignored my spoiler warning and don’t want to know what happened then there is no hope you. Okay, I was a tad sceptical over Ben Kingsley playing The Mandarin. Not that I don’t think he’s a good actor but more I’m getting slightly annoyed at this whole “Ben Kingsley plays *insert ethnicity here* villain” and it is getting a bit tiresome (see Thunderbirds and Bloodrayne... in fact don’t see Bloodrayne... ever). However when it is revealed that *SPOILERS!!!!* Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin is the patsy I had to pay kudos to Black for such an incredible twist that probably has M Night Shyamalan changing his underwear. I was looking forward on how they were going to pull off a Mandarin/Iron Man fight and I wasn’t disappointed to find that this was simply not going to happen... well not in the way we thought it would.
Just had a thought then when I was wrapping this puppy up, the whole “Bad guy takes all the resources away from the hero” schtick already occurred in the Dark Knight Rises, okay it wasn’t exactly played out the same way but I think it worked a lot better in IM3. One of the things that really bugged me about how Bane stole all of Bruce Wayne’s money in DKR is that it would have been easy for Wayne to turn around and say “Hey, remember when there is that big hold-up at the stock exchange and someone was hacking the system, isn’t that the exact same time when someone used my account to purchase all those stocks? And whilst you’re at it, check the CCTV footage I don’t think that I was there to use my thumb print to access... WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE!!! If it was so important to steal Wayne’s thumbprint, then why the fuck did they need to hack the system! If they have hackers capable enough of hacking a secure system like that when they could have easily bypassed the... you know what I’m sick of thinking about the plot holes in that bloody film.
There was some great solid performances from all in the show, and naturally RDJ (as all the cools kids call him) completely holds the whole thing together and I know his performance won’t be considered for a major award because he’s performing in some pissy little action film, but damn it he deserves it.
Well that went on longer then I wanted it too, now back to the rest of the 400 photos.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Costume List Updated

Well I've got 10 minutes before I head out the door to go see Iron Man 3, so I thought I'd update my costume list and post it online! Now with plans for next year!!!
  • Big Macintosh – Completed!
    • Notes = Needs a better shirt, better pants, otherwise pretty neat.
  • Real Ghostbusters – Completed!
    • Notes = Need to finish missing parts on the thrower, create a proper hooking system for pack. {2013-04-23} completed Mk I Gun Hook, partial success, needs improvement but also need a sturdier thrower.
  • Eureka Sheriff – Completed!
    • Notes = Gun Belt never arrived and thus didn’t purchase holsters. Pants didn’t fit exactly well, will need new pair if done again.
  • Forbush Man – Completed!
    • Formerly [SECRET PROJECT ALPHA], need to recondition the helmet and it’s starting to get some dings and is flacking paint
  • Goliath – Due Supanova Perth 2013
  • Wreck It Ralph – Due Supanova Perth 2013
  • [SECRET PROJECT OMEGA] - Due Halloween
    • Got a couple of parts, not working on it until close to date.
  • Volstagg – Due October/November
  • Hobbit – Due December 
  • Doctor Octopus
    • Possibly for Christmas Pageant or next year's Oz Comic-Con
  • Eddie – Rocky Horror
  • Ghost Smashers – TBA
    • On hold for now.

2014 Potentials
  • Galaxy Quest
    • Got the prop kit online, need to construct it at a later date.
  • Baseketball
    • Just talked myself into doing this!
  • Kung Pow – Enter The Fist
    • Maybe Supanova 2014, don't know the character yet but might be Wimp-Lo

There are a couple I have been thinking about, but can't recall for the life of me what they were.

Two hours late..

Well whilst insomnia has within its grip, and because I forgot to post earlier, I might as well do a really late post. It won't be long, partly because I'm doing it via mobile but mostly because I'm still aching from Sunday. Anyway got the Iron Man 3 midnight screening tonight, so it might be good that I can't sleep at this time although I'll be dead on Wednesday. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Bowling, Bowling, Bowling, RAWHIDE!!!

Just got back home about 20 odd minutes ago after an evenings worth of ten-pin bowling, in costume. It was absolutely fantastic and I feel like an absolute wreck. I haven't bowled in nearly 10 years by last count, so it was a bit of a hard slog, although I have forgotten just how much fun it really is playing it with a group of maniacs mates. That's all for night, I need to rest my back up.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Contractual Obligations...

I just had this conversation...

I'm sitting at my computer, derping around in Minecraft listening to the Fat Man on Batman podcast #32 when my dad comes in with a cup of tea for me:

Dad: You know Ghostbusters is on TV?

Me: I'm not contractually obliged to watch it you know!

Dad: You should be!

... just as well he said it as he walked out because I really didn't have a response to that.

Friday, 19 April 2013

"Now This Is Getting Obsurd"

It's 11:45 again and I've still not written a damn thing down, this does seem to be my curse of late. I suppose it is a good thing that I force myself to do this, even when I have nothing to say or no real energy to say it, because it does force me into a routine... I just wish the routine didn’t involve trying to crowbar in a post before midnight! Needless to say I’m still stuck in this consuming mode, or at least I’ve finding it difficult to be productive for numerous reasons; e.g. I’ve run out of casting materials because I underestimated how much I’d need and I won’t have any money to go get some until Tuesday and I won’t be able to get it until Wednesday!

Oh The Cards Against Humanity

Well shit, I'm late AGAIN, but that's only because I've been busy all day and spent all evening at a gaming event at Good Games at St James. Tonight I played for the first time Spartacus, yes based off of the hit tv series, and it is an absolute blast... especially because I won it (without realising). I also finally won a game of the pirate themed Libertaria, an absolutely awesome fun game especially after I won it (joking, it was awesome before).

The game that nearly broke a few ribs from laughter was a game called Cards Against Humanity, or "the one that I cut out over 500 cards to play the zarking thing" from yesterday's post. If it weren't for the fact I'm dead tired I'd try to describe it, however I can't think I has the tiredz.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I Just Cut Over 500 Cards And Boy Are My Arms Tired...

Seriously though I printed out and cut out the official Cards Against Humanity deck because I've been dying to play this bloody game and I haven't been able to afford to import the bugger (and no where local stocks it atm). The practical upshot that after an incredibly busy day, I spent several hours making this bloody thing and I'm absolutely wrecked. So here's a photo of my effort.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Pokemon The First Movie: or How I Learned to Stop Hating and to Tolerate Pikachu

I’ve finished listening to the latest episode of The Book Was Better Podcast, after finishing the backlog literally yesterday (remember that whole consuming content thing), and the latest episode was about Pokemon: The First Movie, a movie which has a incredibly strong memory associated with it and I possibly enjoy recounting it more then I enjoyed watching the movie... which we’ll get to along the way.

Cast your memory back to magical far way land called the nineties, where there was a lot of disgruntled teenagers wearing flannel shirts and jeans trying to rebel by being dark and moody; kind of like today just only without the emo haircuts and hipster attitude, because we did that before it cool. Anyway little did we know that a bright and colour pop culture craze from Japan would take the world by storm and brighten up the darkest of our lives... well for everyone else that is, because unlike most of the people I knew at the time, I just didn’t like the show.

Admittedly at that time I was a young ignorant imbecile... just leaving in the pause to supply your own joke there... who decided that I didn’t like Pokemon for no real apparent reason. I think I thought it was just very cheesy and I admit it I just saw it as a cheap marketing ploy, which of course it was, but at that stage I hadn’t watched the cartoon or played the games so it really was just a stupid way of forming an opinion and I’ve changed my attitude since. My first real exposure to Pokemon came in the form of the cartoon and it really didn’t strike a chord with me, if anything I’m surprised I allowed what happened next to occur.

My best friend Evan was big into the Pokemon cartoon and wanted someone to go along to watch the brand new movie on the big screen at the cinemas, and I of course knowing my duty to him as my closest friend steadfastly refused to accompany him. Essentially I think my argument was along the lines of, “I can’t afford to go watch it, and even if I could I don’t want to watch a movie about a giant yellow mouse”, he countered by paying for my ticket, at which point I readily agreed to it.

Now at this time the ‘Senstadium’ was the new(ish) and biggest cinema to go see any film in, because why see it in a crappy small screen when you can just lounge back and watch some a movie that takes up your entire peripheral vision and never have to truly focus on the screen. So of course naturally we always wanted to go see any more in that cinema, and this being the brand new release for the school holidays we of course would watch it in there. Now I’ve mentioned the two single worst words for any movie goer dreads to hear, no not ‘small screen’ but ‘school holidays’.

Unless you are deliberately watching movies kids are not allowed to be in, any sane people would avoid the cinemas during a school holiday, especially watching any ‘kids’ movies, and double especially a movie that was that year's cultural craze, and yet here we were two “grown” “men” going along to see this film, one excited to see it, the other just glad to be out of the house and in air con. So after the usual buying tickets (remember when you used to be able to buy them at an actual dedicated stand and not at the candy bar where you have to wait for all the imbeciles to decide if they want popcorn and a drink with the movie that they still can’t decide to see???) we head into the cinemas and there is no line, and we think this is ace because obviously there wouldn’t be anyHOLY SHIT THE PLACE IS FUCKING PACKED FULL OF THE LITTLE FUCKERS!!!

It was filled to the point where there was literally only one row left that wasn’t crawling (literally in some cases) with the ghastly little bastards... the front row. Now remember what I was saying about this being in the big-big-big cinema? It’s the one where the best seats in the house about middle mid way up, which is by rough approximation about half a mile away. The front seats by comparison can be measured in feet distance away from the screen and you wouldn’t get into double digits. Well even though I knew there was going to give me neck and possibly eye strain, we decided to sit there.

Now I’m not sure how many of you have seen the aforementioned movie, let alone saw it in the cinemas, but before the ‘movie’ started there was a short movie that gets shown before starring Pikachu, who had by now become the symbol of everything I hated about Pokemon; namely an overly cute annoying thing that just seemed to be the most banal thing in history... so you can imagine my literal shock when all of a sudden I’m confronted with a 30 foot tall extreme close-up of Pikachu’s fucking face from less the 10 foot away from me. I actually screamed and jumped out of my chair, and after the shock worn off I think I started laughing my ass off at how dumb I was for being shocked by such an unexpected image. I managed to sit through the short and started to warm up to the furry yellow freak, and in some perverse way I think I preferred the short to the movie; at least it didn’t end in a sappy way (which now would send me bawling).

After that I was introduced to the original Pokemon games for the Gameboy, which I ended up playing on my N64 via Pokemon Colosseum because it was cheaper and I get to play it on my TV late at night, and slowly my hatred for Pokemon turned into a love for the game; although I never got into the franchise really beyond that, Super Smash Bros excluded.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Consuming Vs Producing

This is probably going to be one of those short posts that’ll turn into a long one some point after the first paragraph, but lately I’ve been finding myself in a consuming mood rather than a producing mood, hence the crappiness of the posts of late. For those that don’t know what I’m referring to it’s something Kevin Smith was talking about on one of the early episodes of Smodcast (it has to be early, I haven’t heard it in years) about how he has these moods when it comes to producing content; e.g. his writing, editing, directing versus his moods where all he wants to do is consume content typically in the form of watching TV.

I do have a lot of distractions in my life was does sometimes prevent me from getting things done, and when these distractions tend to pile on up (like they have been recently) I just get the point of sheer exhaustion and find all creative energy completely drained along with the rest of my energy. This then typically leads into me just becoming more passive and just wanting to absorb stuff, either by watching videos, listening to podcasts, or just browsing facebook (which just sucked away fifteen minutes of trying to get this damn post up before midnight).

So as you might be able to tell I’ve been mostly in a consuming sort of mood and it’s probably not going to go away too quickly as I have been on the go a lot lately, especially as these last few months have been incredibly busy in regards to costuming and gaming events, GB screenings, etc, so lately I’ve just been tapped out. I must admit I do enjoy writing for this blog, but sometimes it just becomes a drag and I want to quit this whole ‘daily’ update thing, but I know if I don’t then it’ll be a less then yearly post thing, and I don’t want that to happen. Ultimately I’m not feeling creative or inspired enough to write things down, and when I finally get to the writing something I’m distracted by other interesting things.

I suppose what I’m ultimately trying to say is I’m just wanting to get back into a productive mood, especially as we are quickly moving towards Supanova and I have done absolutely nothing towards building the two new costumes I need to get ready by then. That being said I’m finally taking my first steps this week into the wacky world of silicon moulding and resin casting, so I’m hoping this will expand my project horizons in the near future.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Overdid It

Yeah, so after a long string of late nights and tiring days, I went out in the Ghostbusters gear to Sci-Tech After Dark, that was immediately followed the next day by an early morning meet-up with one of my closest friends at Darklight for his son's birthday. I originally wasn't going to participate, as I didn't want to damage my back and I was still completely knackered from the last few nights, but was roped into 3 games... and boy was it fun. I'm of course paying for it now, I think I rolled my ankle at some point, and I'm extremely tired (in fact I've had this page up for about an hour and I keep getting distracted by conversations, podcasts and minecraft). Also been catching up on a lot of Arrested Development, it's a show I wish I had known about when it first aired because it is absolutely brilliant!

Well Crap...

Okay, been an incredibly busy day and night. Today started... okay I was going to write a post but got distracted by a conversation I got engaged in earlier on facebook about free will, predeterminism vs prediction, and I'm loving every second of it... I'm face I'm going to go and keep typing there.

Well apparently Blogger refuses to publish this post.. FML

Friday, 12 April 2013

I Bet Bees Aren't These Busy...

Well it's been one of those weeks then went from 'moderately busy' to 'WHERE THE FUCK DID THE TIME GO!!!!' to being completely drained from the constant driving of peoples around. So yeah I'm hoping to get a post ready for tomorrow, but I'm completely drained and I haven't even started part 3 of my GB Journey... so if nothing gets posted tomorrow feel safe in the knowledge that it's because I'll be dead to the world, but sadly still breathing.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Warm Bodies

Just finished watching Warm Bodies, highly recommended... That is all


Sorry for the lateness but I've been out of the house since.. early and didn't get back until about 40 minutes ago. I'm already going to up early tomorrow morning and getting back again after midnight, so hopefully I'll finally get some sleep on Friday... maybe.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Just Ain't Feeling It...

Last night I was hit with a sudden burst of writing inspiration, naturally this was about 10 minutes before I went to bed (which for record was about 2am, because even though I knew I had to be up early my scumbag brain still couldn’t STFU). It’s the sudden bursts of inspiration about topics you really want to write about always happen at the most inappropriate times, and because I’ve been feeling so crappy of late it’s not helping that I’m getting close (and sometimes over) midnight and I still don’t have anything to show for it. Granted there has been a great deal of gaming going on recently, but that’s more of a sanity restorer (yes, even Bioshock Infinite) as well as distraction from not being able to write.

Hopefully I’ll feel up to doing an live gaming feed tonight, although I still can’t figure out why the games don’t want to be captured on my feed so I might not bother with it and just do it with my friend Eric. Either way, I hope I can over this damn bug sometime soon.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Still Feeling Blargh

I've been nursing a headache all day and paracetamol hasn't done much just dulled it a bit, might try something a bit stronger before going to sleep tonight. As such I'm not up to typing (let alone thinking) too much at the moment, especially as I spent most of the day doing job searching. I think I'll do something that doesn't require a brain and I'll try going to sleep, although the only thing I can think of that fits that requirement is politics.


Think I've come down with something, concentration went completely out the window at about 5pm. Been watching season 2 of Arrested Development and nursing a headache, do hopefully I'll manage to get some sleep tonight.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Captain Buster

Impromptu Costume from last night .. I couldn't be bothered putting my flightsuit back on after taking it off for the movie, but I put everything else back on. As I was leaving I mentioned that I'm rocking a quasi Captain Hammer/GB look, which contradicts the "Don't be a dick" t-shirt. Though it was humourous enough for the interwebz.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Ghostbusters Screening Tonight!

Hey all, a quick one as I'm just about to head out the door for another Ghostbusters screening, this time at Event Cinemas Innaloo! Movie starts at 9:30 but me and the boys will be there at around 8:30 giving the place a once over.

I was planning on writing the next part of the GB recollections but was too busy playing Bioshock Infinite.. which is surpremely awesome!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Barely Sneaked In...

So yeah, I've spent barely 20 minutes in front of this computer through out the entire day as I spent most of it in that light and scary place called "outside"; you know? that place that your parents told you about but doubted it's existence.

Anyway half the day was spent running my Gran around and having lunch with her, a surprisingly pleasant experience as I can't think of any time we've done something like since I was able to drive. The rest of the day was spent gaming, as usual for at least one day a week. Anyway I'm pretty much wrecked, so I'll continue the GB recollections tomorrow when I finally get around to writing them, but it will be about my perspective on the creation of the WA Ghostbusters and our various outings together.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Getting Into Ghostbusters: Part 2 – The Boys Are Back

Sometime in the early 2000s after the advent of the DVD player and the awesomeness it provided, my brother picked up Ghostbusters 1 and 2 and we spend the night rewatching the movie and I think it was there that it rekindled my love of the movie. I eventually got my own copies off my parents for Christmas and it would become a semi-regular view, even to the point where it’s becoming a tradition for me to watch it if I’m at home on New Year’s (or at least it seems that’s what happens when I am). During the next few years I’d read up on GB related things and would eventually find the website what was to become GBfans.com, and was even researching a little about making a Proton Pack.

It wasn’t until early 2010 that I finally decided that I wanted to make a go at this whole Ghostbusters thing and my goal was to get a uniform and proton pack ready for Supanova Perth. Funnily enough as I was starting to piece together my first uniform my friend Tammy told me about this Ghostbusters screening in Leederville as part of a comedy night. So throwing together my newly constructed Ecto goggles and my horribly dyed flight suit (I tried to bleach a black to grey and it turned orange, then I tried to dye it back to black and it turned brown) with GB2 patched and hastily constructed belt with shitty fobs, I went to the screening and naturally was the only one there in costume. That being said it was enough that people recognised what I was supposed to be and was very appreciative of the effort. I pretty much knew at that point that I wanted to keep going with this and decided to go forward with a proper costume.

I knew that the first step in getting this together was registering with the GBfans community as I would need to use their trading area to get the parts I would need or at least be able to find links to source several things. Posting on the dedicated Australia welcome page that I met Charlie Richter (aka Brenton) and Davros (aka Dave) who I would eventually meet up for the first bust at Supanova Perth 2010; it would also come a complete shock when it turned out that Dave lived in the same suburb and only a couple minutes away. These guys had both build their own Proton Packs from scratch so they were able to help me with organising my own, and I had plenty of con experience to help them into that scary world. Let’s just say we got mobbed more so then even I was expecting, although it certainly didn’t prepare us for the next year when we started to expand our ranks...

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Getting Into Ghostbusters: Part 1 – Secret Origin

This blog post has come about due to a recent post on the Ghostbusters Australia Facebook page about how everyone became a fan of the franchise, but also because I started to touch upon the subject a while ago but never got around to talking about it.

Well I guess I was probably at the perfect age when the Ghostbusters phenomenon took off as I was 5 years old, I think I was old enough to not get too scared by the ghosts but young enough for the movie to make an impact. Strangely enough whilst I don’t think I can precisely recall when it was I first saw the movie (but I do know I watched it at that time), my strongest memories are associated with the video game on the Commodore 64 (on tape!!! we had a lot more patience back then). I do recall remembering the various associations within the game to the movie, and I think it probably helped fuel the association long after the movie had moved on.

Jump to 1987 and my family was moving to Australia from our native UK and my parents decided to take us to Disneyland and Universal Studios as we moved over here. Unknowingly it was there that I would be reintroduced back to Ghostbusters albeit in an unfamiliar form. Whilst we were in a shop at Universal Studios I saw the now infamous Real Ghostbusters toys, although I didn’t know it was from the cartoon at the time... and yes I was fanboy enough at that time that I didn’t get why they were in different coloured suits and Egon’s hair was a different colour, etc, etc. Anyway I wasn’t allowed to buy any of the figures but we went to go watch the Miami Vice stage show and the figures were forgotten about until...

We finally moved to Western Australia and we were staying at our Aunt and Uncle’s house whilst my parents were finding someplace to live (eventually we rented and then moved again into our permanent residence). During this time my brother and I was still getting acclimatized to this new and weird country, and we had finally found out what TV channels would be playing cartoons and at what time! As luck would have it, it was at this particular period when we were both introduced to the Real Ghostbusters cartoon. Needless to say we wanted to get all the toys as soon as possible (which we did) and we would play with then all the time. Also during this time we was introduced the Filmation’s Ghostbusters cartoon, and whilst I did like it to a degree it did bug me that it shared its name with the movie and it was a bit weirder then the other one (it wasn’t until a couple of years ago I found out the truth of the series).

When we finally moved into our new home in 1989, I finally made some new friends at my new school (the previous school was awful for me, no friends and plenty of bullies who loved picking on the fat kid) who were also GB fans, and we made our own fan club (I even made a badge from an old toy card) and we even put on our own GB performance for the class (me with official RGB pack and my friend with a polystyrene packing foam and bag strap pack). About this time Channel Ten at shown the movie on TV, so I had recorded it on VHS and was constantly re-watching it and loving it even more. Whilst during this time the other big thing that came to take over our lives was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so the GB stuff slowly made its way into the background, only to make a brief resurgence in 1989 for GB2 but never to really take as much of a hold over your minds again after that.

The badge I made 25 years ago.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Gaming Night 13: So Very Tired...

Yeah I'm not really up for writing anything, it's been a pretty full on day and half of it was pretty much spent driving and/or towing so I'm going to play some Mass Effect 3 until I lost consciousness.

A Few Minutes Late...

Yeah, I was playing Mass Effect 3 and lost track of time. Nothing really much to say, I'm still a bit wiped out from the last few weeks worth of activities and I've got an early morning towing trailers ahead of me.. yay :/