Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Word With a Nerd Podcast – Episode Five is Live!

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Gonna make this a short one because I completely forgot to make a blog post here about the upcoming episode (even though I did it all yesterday on the other blog page.. DOH!)

Not much else to say except that I really had to work on amplifying some of this, particularly my voice as there was a few times I leaned away from the microphone and I was just far enough away to be barely picked up at times... especially when my brain stopped working as the sentence progressed.

There is also some, umm.. noises that might sound a little weird, and one completely uncutoutable dubious noise when I was discussing Wonder Woman cosplayers... naturally it wasn't me producing the dubious noise and I guess those that read this are probably going to pick up on it more then others... but that's the fun of reading this blog I suppose, all the juicy behind the scenes tidbits.

Thanks again to Tammy, she was completely awesome despite her initial reluctance and discomfort about being recorded (don't worry I didn't pressure her into it, but I knew she had an interesting perspective on these issues).

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Word With a Nerd Podcast – Episode Four is Live!

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Just in case you choose to ignore the warning on the page, whilst I don't want to say it's an offensive episode but there is a somewhat deliberate usage of a word I personally have distaste for and don't use it at all in all but a very few select circumstances ... like how I used it in this episode.

I think I go into it more in the next episode but I'm a huge anti-censorship advocate, and I believe that ultimately nothing should be censored, especially speech. I also believe strongly in self-censorship,  no this isn't hypocrisy, in that I think the individual is perfectly entitled to refuse to watch something or say something that doesn't agree with their own sets of morals... I just more strongly believe that that person should never force others to abide by such strictures. And before someone takes me to task on this by implying that this means that laws against things physical violence, murder, rape, etc shouldn't exist, they are full of shit and should remove themselves if they believe that is the case (see the argument "If God doesn't exist, what's the stop me from raping and killing however I want?")

That being said I think this and next weeks episodes I'd highly encourage everyone to listen to if they are interested in the topics discussed as they are somewhat significant and we do try and create a good dialogue about it.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Word With a Nerd Podcast - Episode Three

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Unfortunately I was unable to secure any guests for this week, not for the want of trying... some of the people I contact weren't available, some the scheduling just didn't pan out, and the one I tried to record didn't happen because both of us were too exhausted from working on props all day.

It's also a day late because I recorded it yesterday afternoon and didn't really have time to edit it before the 6pm deadline. Not really much else to say about this so please Share and Enjoy.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Work With a Nerd Podcast - Episode Two

Go here to download the episode

I split what was essentially a 1 hour and 45 minute conversation into two episodes; one being roughly 30 minutes, the other being roughly 55 (including, intros, outros, etc). I essentially had to split it in such as way that there wasn't a huge break midway through the conversation, and the later chuck seemed impossible to do as the conversation went along it kept within the same themes/topics. I didn't want to have a 90 minute podcast, at least not initially, so I found a natural breaking point early on so it's plausible to combine the two episodes with no break in flow.

One great thing about talking with Eric is that we both have a genuine love of games and gaming, so it's never essentially about one particular game, but the genre in and of itself. As such it's always easy to talk to him about such stuff and he'll definitely be returning one day, especially as our availabilities can be flexible enough to do these things. However I don't wish people to think this is a gaming podcast, especially as there is by last count over a billion of them out there, but to ignore what is unarguably a essential part of geek/pop culture would be a folly. I'll probably record a couple more sessions with Eric in the near future and if I'm ever stuck for an episode I can throw one up, as I'm hoping to bank up more and more episodes in the future.

I'm hoping to get more guests in the meantime, and I do have a couple already lined up, so hopefully by the time you've read this I've not only recorded the next episode but maybe even ready to be published as well (I'm even making this post in advance obviously). All I can ask is Share and Enjoy.