Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Word With a Nerd Podcast – Episode Five is Live!

Download Here!

Gonna make this a short one because I completely forgot to make a blog post here about the upcoming episode (even though I did it all yesterday on the other blog page.. DOH!)

Not much else to say except that I really had to work on amplifying some of this, particularly my voice as there was a few times I leaned away from the microphone and I was just far enough away to be barely picked up at times... especially when my brain stopped working as the sentence progressed.

There is also some, umm.. noises that might sound a little weird, and one completely uncutoutable dubious noise when I was discussing Wonder Woman cosplayers... naturally it wasn't me producing the dubious noise and I guess those that read this are probably going to pick up on it more then others... but that's the fun of reading this blog I suppose, all the juicy behind the scenes tidbits.

Thanks again to Tammy, she was completely awesome despite her initial reluctance and discomfort about being recorded (don't worry I didn't pressure her into it, but I knew she had an interesting perspective on these issues).

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