Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Word With a Nerd Podcast – Videsode One – Spider-Man Jigsaw

Check it out on YouTube!

As something a little bit different, and because life is becoming increasingly busy over the last few months, instead of releasing an episode I decided to make a fun little video. Partly because it breaks the monotony, partly because I haven't edited the next episode (which has been recorded for a couple of weeks), but mostly because it was an idea that refused to shift out of my skull until such time as this was completed.

It was... interesting going back to doing a Jigsaw when it's been very nearly two decades since I last done one, and longer still since I done this particular jigsaw. It's one of those amazing things when old habits that haven't been touched sometimes come back at you like no time had passed, and that's pretty much what happened here.

With any jigsaw puzzle I would always start with the border, but with this particular one I would immediately follow it up with making Spidey first... starting with the eyes. I think I went with that path again as I knew it would be the most instantly recognisable feature for the jigsaw and as a film-maker it would have the visual appeal that would keep the viewer interested from the get go.

I was an interesting nostalgia trip, and I'm hoping it won't be another two decades before I do it again!

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