Tuesday, 31 December 2013

On 2013...

I keep putting this off. I suppose it's because everyone seems to be doing it and I'm not entirely sure I want to do a "me too!" post, or that there is still less then a dozen collectable items still scattered around Saints Row IV that is distracting me from everything else I should be doing at this particular moment in time. I might be because despite my best intentions, writing lately just hasn't... well.. happened. I can't call it a writer's block, as you can tell I usually just bullshit my way through such a thing, and it's not a lack of inspiration as I've got at least a few things I want to write. For the first time in several months I have no real things on my to-do list, or at least those that aren't firmly on the to-do-next-year list, but I think it's because I just want to unwind for a while and have spent the majority of the last week blasting through Saints Row the Third and Saints Row IV (both have been on "must play" list waiting for the Steam Sales).

Anyway, 2013... Well it didn't entirely suck, although it had potential to do so. It didn't entirely rock, despite some of the best times I've had in forever. It had some pretty high points, especially those involving costuming, PAC, my new podcast (which I'm hoping to make grow in the new year), and I won't bog it down with the low points, most of which are incredibly personal, although my Grandad's death hit me pretty damn hard... which actually was directly responsible for making this blog.

It's weird, the more I write the more I don't want to dwell in the past year; which kinda defeats the purpose of this entry in many ways. I want to talk about all the cool stuff that happened, all the stuff that's been happening with PAC, but most of the important stuff has been covered here already. There is also a lot of stuff I wish I could talk about, but it's either depressing or still too personal. I know I'm rehashing the previous paragraph, but it's really confusing (and you should be used to this by now if you're a reader).

Let's just say, I've had some great times this year, I met some awesome people, I reconnected with old friends, and somehow lost one along the way, I've gone above and beyond my main goal for the year, and I think I've become an optimistic person all because of it.

My only hope for next year is that there is less of the Drama, that I can live without for one year.

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