Friday, 3 January 2014

The List 2014...

... or "I Really Need To Get Other Stuff Done But Can't Be Bothered - The Blog Post"

In all serious I've been wanting to do a big write up on all the costuming I did last year, and for those that don't know and can't be bothered to go through my backlog I made a goal to do 12 costumes by the end of the year. So the question then is, did I succeed??? Well amazingly enough yes I did, in face I ended up with 13 new costumes ... although some weren't quite as finished as they should have been. Either way, I'd thought I'd update 'The List' and finally reveal some of the secret projects I've been working, and some quick notes on what happened to what costumes (that way if I never blog about them then some of the questions will get asked).


  • Big Macintosh – Completed!
    • Notes = Needs a better shirt, better pants, otherwise pretty neat.
  • Eureka Sheriff – Completed!
    • Notes = Gun Belt never arrived and thus didn’t purchase holsters. Pants didn’t fit exactly well, will need new pair if done again.
  • Real Ghostbusters – Completed!
    • Notes = Need to finish missing parts on the thrower, create a proper hooking system for pack. {2013-04-23} completed Mk I Gun Hook, partial success, needs improvement but also need a sturdier thrower.
  • Forbush Man – Completed!
    • Notes = Formerly [SECRET PROJECT ALPHA], need to recondition the helmet and it’s starting to get some dings and is flaking paint.
      • Helmet has been reconditioned and looking a lot better for it!
  • Star Trek – Completed!
    • Notes = Completed a lifelong dream of owning my own Star Trek uniform, and wore it when I went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness. A couple of dramas with the costume, but nothing too detrimental. Hopefully will wear it again one day.
  • Cybershade – Completed
    • Notes = Formerly [SECRET PROJECT BETA], still needs to be finished cutting up all the strips of fabric but was able to troll a couple of my Whovian friends on the Saturday at Supanova who didn't know I was making the costume. Strips were all cut out just in time for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary.
      • Brought ahead in time as a secondary costume but has proven to be an easier build to work on by myself than Goliath (which I needed help to make the muscle suit but scheduling hasn’t been great in that regard).
  • Wreck It Ralph – Completed
    • Notes = Managed to successfully shock so many of my friends throughout the Sunday with my freshly shaved face, as most of my current friends hadn't seen me without the beard and especially as I still had the beard underneath the Cybershade mask the day before.
  • Life Day Wookiee – Completed
    • Notes = Formerly [SECRET PROJECT GAMMA], kept secret to surprise my friends who are huge Star Wars fans, who were also hosting the party. Quite quickly put together but looks very effective and will be used in a future performance possibly in 2015.
  • Beast - Completed
    • Notes = Got two weeks to construct this for the Wolverine screening with PAC, shouldn't be too bad as long as I can make my mask look good and rework the abandoned Goliath muscle suit to work with my concept... time to learn to work with fur.
  • Doctor Catastrophe – Completed
    • Notes = An OC (original character) I had put together for the PAC screening of Kick Ass 2. The idea behind the event was homemade heroes/villains, and I literally took half a dozen unfinished or broken costume/prop pieces and turned it into my costume.
  • Bat Mite – Completed(ish)
    • Notes = I was going to do something else but plans fell through and I made this instead. Sadly it was rushed due to time and budget constraints, and eventually I botched the cowl so I wore my Forbush Man pot instead.
  • Volstagg – Completed(ish)
    • Notes = Believing I had an extra month on my hands, I started this one way too late, so it was an incredibly rushed job trying to get it done whilst also working on Bat Mite AND an October full of costuming commitments.
  • Doctor Who’s Ace Rule 63 – Completed
    • Notes = A relatively cheap costume, spent at most $15 on materials as I decided to recycle an old jacket instead of buying a new one. Took a long time sewing all the patches onto it, but went through a lot of Doctor Who DVDs in the process.


I keep coming up with more and more ideas that I’ve so far haven’t wrote down, but these are pretty much in flux until such time when I’m actually making them.

  • Eddie (Rocky Horror) – Due January
    • Notes = Going to see a stage performance of Rocky Horror in Jan, hoping to get this somewhat together in time.
  • Doctor Octopus – Due March (Oz Comic Con Perth)
    • Notes = Had to commit to my Ghostbusters costume for the pageant a couple of months ahead of the event, however this gives me time to do it for Oz Comic-Con. Already bought the pool noodles for the tentacles, just need to make the harness and get the suit made.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy – Due Mid 2014
    • Notes = I’m thinking doing an alien Nova Corps member. Or maybe a Skrull. Or maybe both?
  • Galaxy Quest – Due June (Supanova Perth 2014)
    • Notes = Got the prop kit online, need to construct
  • Arrested Development Series 4 Fantastic Four skit
    • Notes = I've wanted to make either a Rock Monster or Human Flamer costume since I saw this!
  • Baseketball
    • Notes = Just talked myself into doing this but no real goal in mind except that I want a 'Beers' outfit and make a Baseketball at some point (maybe with the Laz-E-Boy printed on it).
  • Kung Pow – Enter The Fist
    • Notes = Maybe Supanova 2014, don't know the character yet but might be Wimp-Lo at this stage.
  • Barf (Spaceballs)
    • Been wanting to do this for a while, and it appears I’ll be shaving my beard off a lot this year so I might just finally get into this Mog’s shoes.


  • Goliath (Borderlands 2) – Postponed due to financial/health/time issues.
    • Notes = On-hold, maybe in the future.
  • Ghost Smashers – TBA
    • Notes = On-hold for now, maybe 2014.
  • Hobbit – Cancelled
    • Notes = Not going to happen.

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