Wednesday, 29 January 2014


The TL:DR version of the lack of updates here, on WWaN, and on is that I've been incredibly credibly busy and have simply had little time to do certain things or my schedule is so messed up I can't synch with anyone to record anything with! Just as I'm slowly catching up with certain duties involving certain costuming groups, I dive into more projects that should hopefully prove to be even more awesome as it does along!

Let's just say as much as I enjoy doing the podcast (and I do) sometimes it's the thing that as to take the backseat, and this is namely due to several reasons, but mostly because it's a matter of getting guests to be free to record and having free enough time to edit those episodes I do record. For the unenlightened it takes roughly 2-3 hours minimum to edit one 1 hour podcast, depending on how much work needs to be done cropping, changing levels, etc. Essentially I'm listening over an episode at least 3-5 times before it gets put out due to the nature of the medium which, unlike video, I can't just skip or fast forward through half the time as I have to listen closely to what is being said. I do love doing this podcast regardless of all of this, just wish I could get more chances to record with more people... especially those I've been dying to record but our schedules just haven't gelled!

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