Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Just a Quick One 1

Here is ‘Just a quick one’, wherein I’m too tired to type after whatever events of the day mean my brain no work... yeah. I’ve decided to number them because; a) I can keep track of the laziness times I haven’t too much to say, and b) the idea of ‘one 1’ makes me giggle a bit.

Anyway all I really wanted to say is after having a particularly shitty end to yesterday and waking up still feeling particularly awful, just hanging around with some friends (even if it’s something and dreary as an ‘orientation’) is always good to pick your mood, however an unexpected and somewhat trivial sms conversation (to be honest, although to be honest again sometimes it’s best thing ever) with someone you care for can brighten up your entire day.

Later peeps... urgh I hate that word.

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