Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Blog is Dead... Long Live the Blog!

After recent events in my life which have taken an emotional toll on me, I've decided to start writing again and as such I'm interested in restarting my blog... However due to financial strains I'm unable to pay for my own webhosting any more and with it goes my other blogs/promotional pages. So I decided I might as well use a free blogging service and just bow down to some corporate masters if it means getting some content out.

I'm not one for New Years resolutions but I've been thinking hard about these last few months and I need to turn a few things around in my life that seemed to have absolutely wrong. I spent the last year trying to the right thing by other people, with little to no reward (I didn't ask in the majority of cases unless I needed money for fuel and the like) and I exhausted myself physically, financially, and most importantly, emotionally. I lost a lot of my drive and creativity, and being so exhausted I lost of energy to do the things I enjoyed doing. I started out that year being very pro-active and having a yearning to work on long overdue projects, but as the months went by external forces got in the way and I've been putting my own things off more and more to tend to other peoples needs more and more.

I don't want to say that I had an epiphany after my Grandad's death, but I'm using this event to spur my life into a direction at least away from the iceberg that has seemed to be looming for quite some time. Last year I did a lot for other people, this year I need to do something for myself.. however I feel a need to do something for others, or at least get cracking on the projects that I had intended to do that would allow me to do such things. More details to come.

I've decided to make a pledge right here and now, I WANT to do daily content on this blog and I want to make a promise to do so. I suppose what I'm asking for now is at least someone to check back occasionally, make my feel like this is actually worth while and not some foolish exercise that will be lost in the ether. Damn it that feels sucky, but I've had problems with feeling ignored after pouring so much of myself into such endeavors.


  1. I'll try to remember to check here man :)
    -Brent :)

  2. I can keep you motivated and on track. :D

  3. I'll do my best to remember to check back here. Good luck mate!

  4. WRITE! WRITE MORE! get on with it, Blogmonkey! :) Write and write and write some more. Write even if you think it's crap. Write even when you have nothing in particular to say. Write when you're only half-awake. Be the amazing you always have been, just be it in words and out loud :)

    1. Thanks everyone, and now that I know why I haven't been able to post comments on my own damn blog I'll try and reply a lot more in the future!