Friday, 25 January 2013

The List

The other night as I was trying to some degree to 'unfuck' my head with some scotch & dry ginger and some cider, I decided I needed set myself some goals for the up coming year. I detest the notion of "New Year's Resolutions" because it seems to have lost it's impact, or at least seems like a cheap way of claiming to do something whilst immediately returning to your old habits. Then there is the business of "Affirmations" which usually take the of "Wishing for something so much you'll write it ten times daily for an entire year and not do any real work in accomplishing any thing"... or at least it's my take on it. No, instead I decided I wanted a to make a list of things I hope to accomplish this year, please take note of the usage of the word 'hope'. Yes it's a cop-out, but also means I won't feel like an absolute failure if I don't manage to check all the boxes, and there is a few. It's also not the point for me, as the idea is something I can steer towards and feel enthusiastic about doing not dwelling on the failure to do so. Yes some it is very much over ambitious, but isn't that the point of setting some goals or have I been suckered by all the weak token 'motivational' pictures idiots people post on Facebook everyday.

I don't feel motivated, and that's the problem. I need some sort of guideline that will help me keep going when times are tough, when I don't know what else to do. Even though there will be times when I'm unable to proceed due to external factors (money being a major one), I feel I have to be focused and at least prevail in what I can accomplish. One of the reasons I'm trying to write more is part of this, getting a lot of this crap that has been bottled up for way too long.

Either way, I'm still working on 'The List' and I'm still deciding on if I want to post it as some sort of public accountancy, which I can update as things occur or progress has been made... you know it just seems to be the way I think. So here it is as, however some things I'm keeping a secret for sake of 'spoilers'. Just as an FYI, my personal goals are mostly long term ways I just want to change things in my life, although it's also dependent on external forces.

The List - 2012/01/25

- Find someone who makes you happy
- Find something that fulfils you.
- Try to help others as much as you can but not at personal cost.
- Manage the fucking weight a bit better.

- Complete Season 1 of Prop Perth
- Start Production on Fanalysis
- Costumes
-- Volstagg – Due November
-- Hobbit – Due December
-- Doctor Octopus
-- Real Ghostbusters – Due Oz Comic-Con
-- Ghost Smashers – Due Supanova
-- Big Macintosh – Due Waicon
---- Almost complete, just need to finalise outfit.
-- Eddie – Rocky Horror
-- Eureka Sheriff – Due Oz Comic-Con
---- Need Shirt, Pants, Belt Attachments (Holsters etc), Name Tag
-- Goliath – Due Supanova
- Build a TARDIS for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary
- Get the website back up and running
- Fanboy Crossing The Podcast
- Word is the Nerd Blog
---- Started – 2012/01/24

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