Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My Book Was Better Episode is LIVE!!!

So yeah, I would have posted about this yesterday except I spent the majority of the time sitting down having foam hot glued on to me... it's for a costume, not because I have a kink... well not that one at least.

So anyway, go to the Book Was Better website and download the latest episode. I've just finished listening to it and as someone who hates the sound of their own voice played back to them, I have to say it was quite good and I'm happy I don't come off as being a complete tool. I think I was just worried I would come across as too fanboy-ish, especially as someone who does genuinely love the show and has even made fan art for it... including a video teaser!

It's kind of a surreal experience listening back because some of those jokes were pre-planned and some were spontaneous (not saying which) but I forgot I made some of them (so those were probably the spontaneous ones) or even some of that banter, however it came out a lot better then I was expected, and all the credit has to go to Luke Milton for that. I don't really do anything like that, and I think if I had a little bit more control over the content then the episode would be a lot shorter due to me removing myself from it.

I'm not saying I'll be back for a future episode, only time and Luke will tell, but I'll definitely be up for it.

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