Thursday, 20 June 2013

WAToday... What A Way To Represent Us.

So just recently WAToday has been asking for pictures of Perth based costumers for an online gallery to help promote the upcoming Supanova Perth 2013, and as a long time support of both the convention and costuming in general I thought this was a fantastic idea so myself and some of my fellow costumers of the Perth’s Allied Costumers submitted some of our photos for considering... and I’m not going to lie, yes it would be nice to win the VIP ticket prize although I’ve already got my tickets anyway which I would happily give away to one my friends.

The gallery was put up the other day and was happy to see myself in my Ghostbusters gear displayed on the page, along with some of my other PAC members and I was happy... until I was pointed towards something that kind of made me angry.

Below is an a screengrab of the current first picture on the gallery having been updated in the last day, and the caption makes me sad, angry and a little depressed.

“The Power Puff girls were a bit dejected when this awesome looking Catwoman showed up to the party.”
Okay, where the hell do I even begin? Wow, really did they just do this??? Okay fair enough that the focus is obviously on Catwoman, but did they really have to go out of their way to demean some innocent bystanders just for the sake of a joke, and really pathetic one at that? Did these people, who were just walking past, have to be subjected to a really cruel remark? And for what, to make Catwoman seem sexier, or just because they were trying to say “Hey, don’t look at the fat chicks when there is a hottie here!” It’s a pretty cruel thing to do to complete strangers, but what’s worse is that is this how we are being represented by the media?
There is another picture of a costumer looking a bit badass with the giant sword and spiky hair, forgive me but whilst a lot of anime does this trope you’ll see what I refrain from not immediately mentioning where I think he comes from.

 “Meanwhile this guy really wants to be you(sic) Final Fantasy.”
Okay, I’ll plead ignorance I think I know this character and I think he IS from Final Fantasy, but that caption just isn’t right for many many reasons. For starters, it does just basically say that we male geeks are lonely and desperate... which is probably true, but jeez some tack. The most important thing is I doubt this costumer was thinking this when he posed for the shot, nor would he think it would have such a tacky remark put upon him making him look like a desperate loner.

One last troubling one is... well...

 “Or you can bring attention to some details, like this Flash effort."

Okay, there is three costumes, we don’t know who submitted, but probably didn’t want to have such things eluded too... I’m not even sure what’s going on with... that... yeah I’m not even going there.

So basically whilst the rest of the gallery is pretty good, these few just seemed a little off (at the very very least) and I hope this trend does not continue for the next few updates, but I did make it onto the gallery myself... and I’m not entirely sure if I mine is meant to be insulting or not.
“Who you gonna call?... (What you mean ‘someone else’?)"
I’m just hoping they are referring to the infamous scene in Casper.


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