Friday, 14 June 2013

On Why 'Random Access Memories' Is The Best Driving Album... IN THE WORLD! .. or is it?

To start this off I must clarify that I'm not a fan of Daft Punk, in the context that I don't listen to their music not that I don't like them, however I'm not a fan of the electronica music genre is somewhat of the other way, I find it overly repetitive and hacky for the most part. Then an album comes along like this, and whilst I wasn't bothered with the hype, a close friend of mine is a massive fan so I got around to listening to a bit of it, and I was impressed. The band's use of the funk mixed well with their own style makes for an great blend that is interesting and really great to someone who really can't stand overly processed electronic music. However this isn't what made this album great for me, as I think if I just listened to this in any other context but one I would likely turn it off after a few minutes.

Now what I'm about to describe to you might make me sound like I was on something, but I solemnly vow that I was (and still am) completely sober and that I do not drink drive or do any kind of narcotic... however this will sound kind of trippy but I'll explain myself, however you might want to replicate the experience for yourself if you please. Today I was driving to my weekly gaming session at Good Games St James, meeting up with my little gaming group and playing some fun board games, and I had finally gotten a copy of the album to listen to in the car (having previously listen to a couple of tracks this way, but talked over the majority of it). I left my house at around 5:40ish to travel south bound down Mitchell Freeway from Ocean Reef Rd, the time is important as this is just after the sun has set but the sky is still quite blue. As I driving down listening to the album, which I admit is a perfect to begin with for a nice relaxing cruise, I suddenly got a interesting sensation as I was driving along... it felt like I was in a painting. Again completely sober, although I must admit I have been overworked and having sleep deprivation (it's currently 1am as I write this), but the colours everywhere were just absolutely perfect and the music just was pitch perfect for the feeling. I was driving just wishing I share this experience, it wasn't some hippy touchy trip, it just felt like a perfect moment that I just wish could capture every moment, every thought, every sense, and share it with someone. Every artistic sensation in me was having a crisis, it was wonderful. It feels weird to share this with you, because I've been using the word 'surreal' a lot, but this felt if anything more real then anything. The only way I can describe it is like being in Van Gogh's 'Starry Night', the dark blue sky against solid black buildings and bushes in the background; however the freeway was bathed in the warm orange street light, with red and white dots from the rest of the traffic as I was driving along.

Don't worry, I wasn't tripping or having any sort "whoa far out dude" moments that could endanger me to other drivers. I was still paying attention to the road, but it was an incredibly experience and I would very much like to see it replicated however I don't think it would be possible. What does this have to do with the album you're probably asking. I honestly believe if I was listening to anything else it wouldn't have been the same, in fact I don't think I would have felt the right way to appreciate was I was seeing. I think all experiences are subjective, and some are probably thinking he's high as a kite (I wish); although I think it's sometimes the best course of action to experience these things with a clear head, you'll get a greater appreciation of it.

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