Monday, 9 September 2013

Recurring Themes

So here I sit, same as ever, try to work on several different damn things at once (and occasionally be distracted by Minecraft when I need to switch off for a while) and yet I see a recurring theme these last few days.

It is indeed possible that because I’ve been very focused on trying to get my podcast up and running, especially as I will hopefully lead to my documentary, that a lot of the issue surrounding sexism and fandom have been at the forefront of my brain. This has been exasperated somewhat by discussions around a few very recent events that have also brought this issue back to the public conscience. I find myself almost unknowingly type in length about these and other issues, particularly those I’ve researched, more and more and more of late than ever before.

Perhaps it’s the fact I’m just getting back into the routine of writing more productively. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m finally working on a project so dear to me that it is barely out of my thoughts for most of the last 18 months. Perhaps I should be writing more on my short story and not dicking around my blog or spending hours trying to make my podcast proposal just right. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

Wow, that would have been a good way to finish this blog, but I think readers will acknowledge that is completely out of character for me. Unfortunately I feel like I have this overwhelming urge to type, but I don’t appear to have the focus that drives me to do some of the things I feel I should do. I’m hoping that with this podcast that some opportunities that have eluded me which suddenly become available for the first time, including a readership on this that will exceed the amount of digits on my feet and toes.


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