Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Word With a Nerd Podcast - Episode One is Live

Go here to download the episode.

So it's finally happened, I've started my very own podcast... and yeah I'm nervous as all hell. I love what Eric and I was talking about, but again that's all subjective I suppose. I'm funnelling everything WWaN (yeah that's my thing for it) through my old Fanboy Crossing website, mostly because I do want it to become a home for a lot of the work I do and it's a brand I want to cultivate.

So why not here??? Well I want to keep this as a personal blog, free (technically) from having to be somewhat professional like on the other page... that being said I've got some old posts on there I really should delete are some point but I suppose it fills up the page. Hopefully within the next few months I'll throw up some older projects onto it, especially some of my photography work, and get it some exposure.

I'm also hoping that parlay any popularity from this into future projects, especially the documentary I've been gradually researching and working on for the last eighteen months. Anyway, I'm concentrating on making this entertaining and interesting so we'll see how we go!

EDIT: was a little late due to problem with scheduling .. fixed now!

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