Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Boldly Going Back To Where We've Gone Before...

Over the last couple of nights I've been re-watching the older Star Trek movies, quite specifically the good ones, namely II, III, IV, and VI, and it's been quite enjoyable and I enjoy watching these fantastic movies and will do so again and again. To say that the effects do reflect the time period in which they were made, I think the movies have held up extremely well (well lets face it, well made Sci-Fi has a tendancy to do that) and yet I still enjoy watching these "tired old men" more then I enjoy watching the fresh young crew of the reboot, in spite of knowing a little bit too much of behind-the-scenes with the old crew and the animosity towards a certain Captain. In spite of everything, these particular movies are incredibly well made tales that just made me want to be absorbed by the storytelling.

Tonight I popped in Star Trek VI as a break from cobbling together a photography portfolio ready for a job interview tomorrow, and I was only wanting to watch it whilst I finally ate my dinner and get back to finishing sorting through seven thousand photos. However I just couldn't stop watching. I grabbed my pizza when it finally cooked, eat it and just couldn't grab myself to stop. The movie itself isn't the best of the franchise, it certainly isn't the worst, however with all this b.s. in my head surrounding 'Into Darkness', namely the fact that it seems that I'm in a minority of not enjoying this movie (especially when it keep constantly kicking me out of the suspension of disbelief), that I realise that I think I'm right about my thoughts on that film. Star Trek VI isn't a movie that's all about two men having a fist fight nor gratuitously phallic black starships; it's got intrigue, drama, betrayal, anger, comedy, plus it doesn't have plot holes you can drive a Constellation class starship through. It may not be the best Star Trek movie ever made, but I enjoyed the hell out of it a lot more then the new ones.

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