Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Preparing PAC Pages

So I missed a post yesterday (although I wouldn't say I missed it ha ha ha *groan*), but I spent practically all day working on graphics for Perth's Allied Costumers as I am now for the time being their official pixel monkey. Same story today although I did spend some time at a friends house discussing costuming for an event in July. I almost didn't write this blog but I honestly don't like missing posts, even when I've been completely slack in the writing of them. I've still got three posts I need finishing but haven't had the.capability to do it. Hopefully this will be rectified within the next week or so as I want to write a con report for Supanova. Btw I'm using an interesting text swipe thingie on my new phone, kinda neat but does require more concentration than I have at this time. Time to a letup, or sleep... Stupid phone.

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