Friday, 17 May 2013

Didn't I Do This Already?

I've been wanting to write up my thoughts and feeling on 'Star Trek: Into Darkness' but I've been so unbelievably busy this last week that every time I have an hour to myself I'm just wiped I can't write. I keep thinking about what I want to say about the movie and try and wrap my thoughts around why I seem to be the minority that thought that movie just wasn't that good, and certainly wasn't a good Trek movie. As I was driving home from another round of duties today I thought "Hang on, didn't you already do a rant about Abrams' Trek?" and yeah I did, it is here!

Strangely enough re-reading that just then my overall thoughts haven't really changed, and even though they improved on a few things which I'll get to I still think they dropped the ball majorly in other areas.

About the only real positive thing 'Into Darkness' has given me is a desire to imbibe more Trek, and a hope that someone takes the franchise away from Abrams and makes something good for a change.

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