Thursday, 23 May 2013

Downs and Ups

So today I had a pretty horrible experience, and unfortunately it had to do with a "job" interview and was followed by this post on faceblargh.

"Okay, bad signs for a job interview...

- After turning up 10 minutes early to see the previous applicant still chatting isn't bad, the fact that they are still talking 15 minutes after your allocated time is.
- Knowing the interview took a turn for the worse when you want clarification some of the obscure terms; specifically when the interviewer says, "We pay the company money..." turns out to actually mean, "You pay the company money..."
- Being told you foot ALL the upfront costs, including hire of equipment and possible hotel accommodation, and THEN pay the parent company a $80 fee per customer (regardless), all of which you then have to attempt to retrieve from the customers by up-selling a service being pandered initially by the company for free.
- Lastly taking approximately five minutes to conduct an interview it took the other person at least 25 minutes is never a good sign."

What made me more angry then anything was the fact I deeply suspected going into this interview it wouldn't be a simple "Hey we're going to pay you to shoot things!" .. just for clarification it was a Photography job .. however when it was "Your interview is taking place at a public cafĂ©..." alarm bells started to ring in my head. I've had this experience before when an old friend from primary school suddenly turned up out of the blue and asked me to get involved with essentially the same thing... I haven't spoken to him since, he obviously wasn't interested in reconnecting further after I turned down his glorious offer (also know as a PYRAMID SCHEME!!!).

And then I listen again to the latest Book Was Better podcast and Luke and Suzanne asked for a cheaply made picture based on certain criteria, which I promptly delivered because I thought the idea was stupid and funny... and this is it!
(Based on the terrible Judge Dredd movie... the more you know)
Well it made me chuckle,  in fact about 5 seconds after uploading it and realising how utterly ridiculous this whole thing was I was overcome with hysterics. Lets just say I needed it. Interesting side note; it was prompted that it should be done on MS paint, but I had too much difficulty working in such a restrictive program so this was actually done in Photoshop made to look like MS Paint :P

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  1. ouch, but yet, I wouldn't trust a company like that, sounds fishy or crap to be honest. Either way, board gaming later today, I'll see ya there!