Monday, 15 April 2013

Consuming Vs Producing

This is probably going to be one of those short posts that’ll turn into a long one some point after the first paragraph, but lately I’ve been finding myself in a consuming mood rather than a producing mood, hence the crappiness of the posts of late. For those that don’t know what I’m referring to it’s something Kevin Smith was talking about on one of the early episodes of Smodcast (it has to be early, I haven’t heard it in years) about how he has these moods when it comes to producing content; e.g. his writing, editing, directing versus his moods where all he wants to do is consume content typically in the form of watching TV.

I do have a lot of distractions in my life was does sometimes prevent me from getting things done, and when these distractions tend to pile on up (like they have been recently) I just get the point of sheer exhaustion and find all creative energy completely drained along with the rest of my energy. This then typically leads into me just becoming more passive and just wanting to absorb stuff, either by watching videos, listening to podcasts, or just browsing facebook (which just sucked away fifteen minutes of trying to get this damn post up before midnight).

So as you might be able to tell I’ve been mostly in a consuming sort of mood and it’s probably not going to go away too quickly as I have been on the go a lot lately, especially as these last few months have been incredibly busy in regards to costuming and gaming events, GB screenings, etc, so lately I’ve just been tapped out. I must admit I do enjoy writing for this blog, but sometimes it just becomes a drag and I want to quit this whole ‘daily’ update thing, but I know if I don’t then it’ll be a less then yearly post thing, and I don’t want that to happen. Ultimately I’m not feeling creative or inspired enough to write things down, and when I finally get to the writing something I’m distracted by other interesting things.

I suppose what I’m ultimately trying to say is I’m just wanting to get back into a productive mood, especially as we are quickly moving towards Supanova and I have done absolutely nothing towards building the two new costumes I need to get ready by then. That being said I’m finally taking my first steps this week into the wacky world of silicon moulding and resin casting, so I’m hoping this will expand my project horizons in the near future.

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