Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Just Ain't Feeling It...

Last night I was hit with a sudden burst of writing inspiration, naturally this was about 10 minutes before I went to bed (which for record was about 2am, because even though I knew I had to be up early my scumbag brain still couldn’t STFU). It’s the sudden bursts of inspiration about topics you really want to write about always happen at the most inappropriate times, and because I’ve been feeling so crappy of late it’s not helping that I’m getting close (and sometimes over) midnight and I still don’t have anything to show for it. Granted there has been a great deal of gaming going on recently, but that’s more of a sanity restorer (yes, even Bioshock Infinite) as well as distraction from not being able to write.

Hopefully I’ll feel up to doing an live gaming feed tonight, although I still can’t figure out why the games don’t want to be captured on my feed so I might not bother with it and just do it with my friend Eric. Either way, I hope I can over this damn bug sometime soon.

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