Sunday, 14 April 2013

Overdid It

Yeah, so after a long string of late nights and tiring days, I went out in the Ghostbusters gear to Sci-Tech After Dark, that was immediately followed the next day by an early morning meet-up with one of my closest friends at Darklight for his son's birthday. I originally wasn't going to participate, as I didn't want to damage my back and I was still completely knackered from the last few nights, but was roped into 3 games... and boy was it fun. I'm of course paying for it now, I think I rolled my ankle at some point, and I'm extremely tired (in fact I've had this page up for about an hour and I keep getting distracted by conversations, podcasts and minecraft). Also been catching up on a lot of Arrested Development, it's a show I wish I had known about when it first aired because it is absolutely brilliant!

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