Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Insomina And Lack Of Writing

So it's currently 2am and despite being incredibly tired my arsehole brain won't shut the fuck up and go to sleep. About the one good thing with everything going on lately is that I have felt like this sleepless in a long time, and part of my scumbag brain is constantly thinking of projects and other bullshit whilst I'm trying to sleep. Yes, I'm referring to my brain as a separate entity because it's being such an incredible dick. I must admit I have been feeling pretty guilty about not writing more on my blog, although truth be told I haven't felt up to it nor has things been interesting enough to even write again, but I guess what pisses me off is that I knew I'd fall out of the habit by taking a break. I guess history does repeat itself in these matters. I'm hoping to write more in the coming weeks, but I think I may of somehow picked up a bug from 'nova, although truth be told I was feeling shitty before the con but just pushed through it despite myself. I guess because I haven't had a looming deadline I haven't felt truly motivated as well, despite several projects I want to see completed or at least set in motion. Urgh, I've still got more sewing and such to do before Saturday but lately I just feel completely drained. Oh well better try and get some sleep, hopefully my brain with allow me some damn rest.

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