Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Too Many Projects To Work On, So I’m Playing Minecraft.

I know it seems counterintuitive that I’ve got a couple of projects building up, but nothing that is immediately needs doing and I need a break from costuming for a while. So I’ve been spending a lot more time catching up on some podcasts and digging out a massive underground forest in Minecraft. It might not seem exciting but it’s some cathartic and helps me unwind a bit, especially as I can kind of take my mind of the hook because I don’t need to be too attentive to mine these things out, and lately I’ve been a bit too focused on some things.

Admittedly after spending so much time being so productive, or at least so active in producing sometime (despite the fatigue and monotony), it’s kinda hard to just switch it off even though I’m feeling incredibly burnt out. It’s that kind of fatigue where you think you can accomplish something but you get started and all of a sudden you just have no energy. I really need to spend a couple of days in bed and recharge some of my batteries, especially as I’ve got a couple of books I’m desperately trying to get through, but my concentration is completely off. I’m also trying to do more writing, but I find myself just completely tapped unless I have something that I really want to say. I must admit, coming up with daily content is very difficult and I simply haven’t had time to write a lot of the things I’ve wanted to write (especially banking up some of them up for future posts).

I honestly like doing this blog, and it’s extremely gratifying knowing that there are at least a few people who like what I’m doing and getting the occasional feedback is genuinely awesome, and it’s sorta, kinda, leading to a couple of projects that I’m not going to forward promote JUST yet because I think it’s a bad idea to talk about such things until they are set in concrete (or am I the only that hates seeing projects hyped up that never come out?) but are at least somewhat project based.

As for the current future, I’m ten costumes into my goal of twelve, although I don’t think I’ll be stopping as I’d like to see twelve brand new proper costumes for this year and I don’t think my original GB nor “Captain Buster” should technically count but I do have at least two more costumes in the works that I’m definitely building, and a potential two to three on top of that. I’m also hoping to do more photography work as I’m hoping to train my eye a little better, get some better equipment and hopefully start working with some models to make some truly creative stuff, especially as I’m hoping to turn my old defunct Fanboy Crossing site into a photo blog and try and throw up some more content and maybe generate some buzz for it as well as some of my old projects.

In fact I’ve been thinking a lot about my photography, and I’ve been thinking about doing a weekly thing where I just get on the train and ride to a different place, walk around randomly and do some urban photography, or go to locations people direct me too and take shots there. I’d love to do some abandoned buildings photo work and I love taking photos of graffiti art, so any advice on where to go for that would be brilliant. I might try and keep a journal on the locations where I take them for future shoots with costumers and models, as well as potential filming locations for any future movie projects, which is something I want to get back into at some point.

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