Thursday, 11 July 2013

Well That’s Put Me In A Foul Mood

I’ve just witnessed (and unwittedly participated) a massive pissing contest on facebook between two imbeciles on a friend’s post promoting another friend’s page, and all melts down to who had the bigger troll dick... and it made me fucking mad. Not only did their actions really show just how much a fucking bunch of massive pricks we be at times, but it really poorly reflects upon two people I know do not deserve such treatment. I’m not naming names, nor am I linking, but this sort of thing makes me goddamn angry and part of this post is to try and get some of out of me... I’m literally trembling with anger here.

Okay I’ve been researching a lot of fandom lately for a documentary I’ve been working on for the last year, highlighting the good and negative aspects of it... and I hate to say it but it’s been mostly negative with all the articles that seem to be popping up lately (including sexism, racism and abuse in the cosplay community), and that has even gotten to me to a point of depression in these regards. I honestly got to the point the other week were I thought it was pointless working on something that might not be worth it, I honestly thought fandom and geek culture wasn’t worth it anymore. I love being a geek and I love this culture but I just couldn’t see the point anymore, it felt like I was trying to save a patient with inoperable cancer with 5 minutes to live.

And then Supanova came about and it reinvigorated me with positive feelings for fandom and this project, despite some of negative things I’ve heard about people during the con, and I was looking forward to working on it and maybe even start getting the ball rolling on getting funding... and this happened.

I just don’t know anymore. It feels like I’m on a sinking ship and I’m trying to patch the holes whilst the rest of the crew keep attacking the hull with pickaxes, and their rational is to save it from being boarded by the passengers... I need to think about this a lot more before moving forward, because at the moment I’m about ready to abandon ship.

p.s. in hindsight is seems that there was only really one troll (despite the amount of times he called everyone else a troll) and the rest of us got suckered into his ego contest... FML

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  1. Great post, and I must say, the cosplay community on the most part has welcomed me with open arms even though I have my own agenda. I would not trade my experiences for anything, nor will I let the minority spoil it for me and the others I now can truly call "MY Friends"