Friday, 5 July 2013

“last published on 26-Jun-2013”

What the crap happened here!!! Well that’s pretty easy to explain... I was so fucking exhausted after everything leading up to and during Supanova that I needed a break. Didn’t really get one as I was busy with doing stuff for PAC and working on a costume for a Star Wars party on the 14th and... you know, I’ve been too busy and when I’ve not been busy I’ve been so fried that I just can’t bring myself to write anything. Last night I got home from an all-day/night gaming session at Good Games St James that I realised I haven’t posted in a week and was about to reach for the phone to do a quick update when the siren call of the bed seductively drawn into its covers, every time I tried to reach for my phone afterwards felt like a drowning man struggling to swim for oxygen but ultimately succumbing to the briny depths that lay within... or something to that effect.

I feel like I should post a Con Report, but just like Oz Comic-Con from a few months ago I just don’t think I have it in me, I’m just too tired to think straight. However I will sum it up thusly...
  • Worked my arse off on two costumes to the point where I didn’t turn up to ‘nova on Saturday until nearly 1pm because I was sewing and cutting my Cybershade gillie suit like a possessed monkey. However it was awesome because I trolled so many people who didn’t know about my costume and scared a load of kiddies... it was fantastic.
  • Sunday was ‘Epic Troll Day’ for me as I had told no-one that I was shaving for Wreck-It Ralph and proceeded to freak out the majority of my friends at Nova (especially as I still had my beard on Saturday).
  • Got to meet Alan Tudyk who was awesome. Also got to meet Margot Kidder was also awesome, and we chatted about Superman II and why the Richard Donner cut was better. Got to meet Alex Suviak, one of my favourite 90s Spidey artists, who was just so kind and awesome. I wish I could have a chance to meet other stars who were there, but alas it was a matter of lack of time and money (and I think if I had stood up in lines any longer they would have taken me out in a stretcher).
Anyway, this is taking way too long to get done because of the constant interruptions that constitutes my life, so I’m finishing up by saying it was one of my favourite con experiences and I really enjoyed myself despite how much I nearly breaking myself (physically and mentally) in the process.

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