Thursday, 28 February 2013

A Short Pause For A Post...

Currently out and about spending most of the day driving around for my Gran, so I'm writing this now in the car, in the stinking heat, and breathing in ash from the bush fire down the way. Just kidding, I've got the windows up and car air con on full, suck it ozone layer!

Not really much else to say at this time because every thing is pretty much full steam ahead on getting ready for Oz Comic-Con on March 9th, although I lately seem to spending more time driving then building *gulp* .. progress is still good I'm optimistic on getting the RGB pack ready for the con, my Eureka on the other hand is looking like a bust :/ oh well maybe some other time THE star turns up in Perth again I'll have the full gear.

Anyway gotta go, more driving to do :P

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