Monday, 25 February 2013

Consumer Warning!

Wow... just wow. I ordered a name tag for my Eureka costume and it arrived today and it's just absolutely fucking horrible. To clarify I ordered a name tag with "S HAYNES" on the top line and "SHERIFF" underneath on a black with metallic gold plate. I knew it wouldn't be screen accurate but it'll do for the costume. However the piece of crap that I got a few things damn well wrong from what I ordered.

For starters, they dropped the initial. I don't know why maybe their engraving process doesn't like spaces... which is pretty weird for a NAME TAG! Then instead of “HAYNES” I instead got “Haynes”... okay maybe for some reason they thought “Jeez, those caps must be wrong, better just do in small letters instead.” It might be excusable if it weren’t for the fact that they got the “SHERIFF” underneath completely right! So these two combined errors just make the badge look terrible, but at least it’s on a gold bac..king... what the fuck... IT’S ON SILVER! It took me a little while because I was fuming about the name, but it’s on the wrong fucking colour as well making it three strikes for such a simple thrice be-damned name tag.

Needless to say I emailed them immediately; I would have called but the shop is in the eastern states and already closed. If I don’t get a response tomorrow I’m going to call them and demand my money back. So I’d personally recommend avoiding www(dot)nametagsandbadges(dot)com(dot)au, no I’m not even giving them the decency to have a url.

Top: Tag with flash, notice the silver
Middle: Take note of the awfulness compared to...
Bottom: The name tag from the show

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