Sunday, 3 February 2013

Blogging via mobile... attempt 1!

Okay so I'm attempting to blog via my mobile as I'm currently stuck at least 45 minutes away from my computer and I'm waiting to off load my car after Waicon. This is kinda difficult as my mobile and apparently don't like each other very much and I'm actually typing only be usage of its text predictor... So any spelling or grammar mistakes can be easily blamedvon that for a change and not because I don't know how to write... Probably shouldn't have shared that... Anyway, I'm completely knackered after a full wee area... In fact I was hosting most of the tournaments throughout today, despite a complete lack of sleep, energy and mental capacity. Needles to say I got a little bit silly from time to time. Anyway, I'd better make this short my mobile is about as drained as I am.kend of volunteering at the gaming

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