Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Do Word Counts Count?

I wrote this shortly after ‘One Road Leads to Home’, hoping to post this on Sunday but couldn’t due to technical difficulties. After a marathon ‘con report’ yesterday I decided to post this today instead and work on another entry for tomorrow.

After making a personal journal entry, I’m concerned about my word count on an entry by entry basis. At this time the majority of my writings take just over 1 page in volume (based on the bog standard A4 setting in Word, which I use to help my terrible spelling and grammar), and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. With this being a ‘stream of thought’ style blog, I tend to just get everything I’m thinking of out onto the page with little to no editing before posting (queue the Adam Savage “There’s ya problem” sound byte). Although I do like to break these entries into paragraphs, which do help to sort out what I’m talking about into sections and I personally hate seeing pages and pages of unbroken text, I am very mindful of the fact that these entries may be too long for the reader sometimes… especially when I’m trying very hard at failing to make a point.

One of the regular occurrences whilst writing these posts is that at this stage I’ve got plenty of space spare on the page, allowing me to a degree to just keep waffling on and on and on and on and… sorry, that was mean, but funny, but mean, but funny, but mean, but... okay I’m finished now. Usually what happens thought is that I’m either half way through making a point or getting my thoughts across when suddenly I’m getting close to the horrible line of <dramatic pause> PAGE BREAK </dramatic pause> (I certainly hope that tag doesn’t break anything) and I suddenly become very mindful of the fact that I’m going on a tad too long… or at least I’m afraid the reader is just going “GET ON WITH IT”. As an aside, I’m noticing this paragraph is getting rather silly, especially with all the references… like that one.

Anyway, I suppose I haven’t gotten any feedback on the word count, but I’m not sure if that is a blessing or a curse. I know it’s within my nature to become a little bit paranoid, and I do feel a little bit ashamed at the slight attention whoring on the first entry of the blog, but it does concern me sometimes. I mean when I think about these things my brain is going, “Are people actually enjoying what I’m writing about, or are they just humouring me?” I hope I’m being clear that this isn’t a call for attention, but just me being brutally honest here, well as much as I allow myself to be.

Oh shit I’m fast approaching the dreaded PAGE BREAK again, so I’d better wrap this up. Okay, I’m not really asking for feedback on this and yet I am…ARGH. Okay we’re slowly seeing the insanity a hack like myself goes through when attempting this writing thing. Honestly I’m enjoying doing this blog and I hope it’ll continue on for a while to come, albeit with some shorter entries to come. Oh and this is one of those entries I’m banking for a rainy day, so I’m either out of the house all day or I’m so blocked you’re seeing it...  I just hope I’m out, because that block is a pain to move.

Oh and by the way, SUCK IT PAGE BREAK!!! *blows a raspberry and flies to the moon*


  1. You're getting feedback whether you like it or not! Speaking for the grammar-nazi contingent of your audience, I would say that these are cheekily glib and well-written but you could use some editing on the grammar/typo side! I also think that should be done by someone that isn't you so you aren't tempted to alter the original flavour of what you are saying. Because I'm a writer myself I *know* how tempting it is to tweak and tweak and tweak again, and often you lose the original feel of the message. Getting someone else to proofread and/or edit would definitely help avoid that. And wouldn't make the eyelids of people like me involuntarily twitch at every typo. ;)

  2. SEE?? that comment alone got edited like 4 times before I published it!

  3. Okay, so now I can finally reply to comments, it just takes me using IE(vil) to do so. I apologise for that, but I do try my best and I do give it a couple of reads to try and put out any major errors (and rely on Word for when my brain is too tired). It would be nice to have an editor but sometimes this things just flow out of my brain, and admittedly this is as much as way to vent as it is a way of communicating with the audience; especially about topics that I'm passionate about like geek culture, etc.