Friday, 1 February 2013

I Think I Just Came Out...

Okay I’m doing a massive amount of prep for a costume for tomorrow's Wai-Con, where I’m going dressed as my take on Big Macintosh from MLP:FiM, and it’s that time when you forgot one part of your costume that it bumps back all the other parts making you rush like crazy. Well here’s a quick rundown of what happened to me a little while ago...

I’ve forgotten one small, admittedly completely trivial, piece of my costume (you know the one, the one that you could have done months ago but completely forgot about because it IS so trivial but you go bugnutty because it ties your ensemble together even though you know no one will give a damn... *breathes in*)... so anyway, I forgot I need to quickly sew this one piece together, but it would take me all night to do it by hand, so I asked my mom if I could borrow the sewing machine. When pressed about what I wanted to do, the conversation goes like this;

Me: It’s just a simple stitch down the side, turned inside out and stitch the ends closed.
Mom: Do you want me to do a good quality stitch for you?
Me: Naw, I was just going to do a simple ladder stitch on the ends.
Mom: *blinks for a couple of seconds* I can’t believe my son knows what a ‘ladder stitch’ is!

I pause for a moment, thinking “wtf?” then start trying to back pedal like she thought I was Gay and coming out or something (not that I am, or it’s a bad thing, but this threw me for a loop). I told her I knew it from making the plushy (for my costume), but it was just so amusing that it made me laugh, and helped break some of my tension. It’s interesting just what you might learn being a costumer, either it being making chainmail by hand, using power tools in ways you’re never supposed to, or simply using a ladder stitch to hide a join, all of which are skills in my ever expanding tree... just need to sink some more points into it.

Let it be known for now and into perpetuity that I am an out and proud costumer! ... we should have a parade or something?

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