Friday, 15 February 2013

Coming to a Grassy Area by the Beach Near You!

So I’m just getting everything ready for the GB screening tonight, so there really isn’t much time to talk about stuff, although I’m sure I’ll somehow turn this into a monstrosity of a post. Feeling pretty pumped to be honest about the screening, it’s the first GB event of the year so it’s always feels somewhat refreshing to put the pack on again (ignoring the fact that I only had it on less than 2 months ago). I must admit it’s always a fun time hanging with the rest of the WAGB in uniform, especially all the love we get from the public, it honestly make the whole thing a great experience.

That being said it might be the only time putting on this particular pack this year, as for Oz Comic-Con and maybe Supanova I’m planning on wearing the cartoon or Real Ghostbusters style pack and uniform, which will be a lot lighter and will be a break from the regular gear. I doubt many people will notice the difference, but it’ll be fun to go in a different direction with the GB gear.

For those that don’t know I first started doing the Ghostbusters stuff in 2010, my first public appearance was at a small screening for some comedy show. I showed up in a badly dyed flightsuit with GB2 patch and name tag, shitty homemade belt, and my first pair of Ecto-goggles; which fortunately was enough to be recognised as a buster but I always regretted not having a pack at that time. After that I finally made some contacts locally (being Dave and Brenton), got my gear together (somewhat) and the first unofficial WAGB bust of Supanova that year. During the rest of the year the only other time I wore the get up was for a costume party, which I won... but only because the birthday girl didn’t know what I was but thought I was actually carrying an actual heavy metal pack on my back (she was 70 at the time).

Okay this is turning into my Ghostbusting memories post, so I’ll leave it at that as I think getting into the whole WAGB backstory should be for another time; especially as I still want to get stuff done tonight!

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