Monday, 18 March 2013

Finally Missed A Day...

Well I knew this would happen, just didn't think it'd be this early. Well I should say that I have an incredibly good reason why I missed it, but that's just technically having an excuse however here is what happened.

I was helping setup and pack down a gaming event, which typically involves moving numerous tvs, consoles, equipment, tables, chairs, and two big, heavy, awkward gaming rigs. Moving these gaming rigs alone is typically a three person job as they need to be lifted onto the ramp of the trailer, as well as laid flat, then of course the reverse needs to happen taking them off. Whilst not going into specifics, we were promised some help offloading the equipment after the gaming night... which never happened. We got one extra hand loading the trailer but no one came to help us unload. So it ended up being me (with a dodgy back) and Adam (who has no cartilage in his knees) having to unload the entire trailer (including lifting the incredibly-fucking-heavy-after-several-days-of-exhaustion gaming rigs), unload the car full of gaming equipment and load it back into his place, after 2 really long days of loading, setting up, running the event, packing down, and for me several hours worth of driving (not to mention coming straight off the back of several weeks of grueling prep for Oz Comic-Con). Needless to say I was so absolutely fucking wrecked last night I came home and crashed out for several hours, got up and was so completely brain dead I doubt I could have typed anything what so ever.

So that’s my excuse, and I’ve broke my promise... Yeap.


  1. It's ok, I think your entitled to miss a day...NO!!! Work Harder!!!

    But seriously rest up

    ...or I'll kill you :P