Thursday, 14 March 2013

Stabbing Pains...

So after a particularly useless visit Centrelink, I decided to start work on my niece's Easter present, her very own Miss Smartypants! Those of you who saw the picture of Big Macintosh costume I cobbled together for Wai-Con might remember the plush toy sticking out of my mouth, well that's the toy I made (but out of more softer and fluffier material). It probably took me all up about 6-7 hours from start to finish, but I really wasn't pushing myself; actually I thought it would take me a couple of lazy days, but one I got into it I just kept going. So I'm still feeling a bit tapped out creatively and even played a couple of hours of Mass Effect 3 before my back gave out. Btw I'm loving the mobile app, because I'm in bed blogging.. I know, it's damn sexy stuff right? So I've got a day of moving gaming equipment tomorrow, so might be another lazy post but hopefully I'll start writing up the Con Report and schedule post it on Saturday (as I'll be too busy running around that day).

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