Tuesday, 19 March 2013


So today I’ve officially commenced work on my latest costume that I’m getting ready for an upcoming party (which may or may not be for someone’s birthday who may or may not be following my blog... she knows who she is... hopefully), however just to be a complete meanie I’m being super cryptic so as not to spoil the surprise when on the Saturday when this party may or may not occur... I think I inhaled too many paint fumes.

I’m on a pretty tight deadline and budget (but ain’t I always!) as this needs to be completed on Saturday and I’m creating this practically from scratch with no real plan, as such I bought the majority of required materials today as well as started construction on the [REACTED] which apart from a couple more coats of paint is practically finished. The rest is pretty much cutting and sewing the actually costume itself, which I’m hoping to get completed on Thursday as I have absolutely no time tomorrow (leaving Friday to fix any issues, and do any finishing touches).

However here is a bewildering picture to show you some of what I did today.

Whilst I’m at it, here is an updated list of my planned costumes for the year... if you don’t remember my list of projects for the year; it was something I posted about very early on in the blog. I would say go read it, but this is pretty much the important part that I’m updating. Some of the schedule has been shifted around as plans have changed and new costumes has arisen and some have been knocked back as a result. On the whole I should be good to get the majority of them done in their alloted times *crosses fingers*

- Big Macintosh – Completed!
-- Notes = Needs a better shirt, better pants, otherwise pretty neat.
- Real Ghostbusters – Completed!
-- Notes = Need to finish missing parts on the thrower, create a proper hooking system for pack.
- Eureka Sheriff – Completed!
-- Notes = Gun Belt never arrived and thus didn’t purchase holsters. Pants didn’t fit exactly well, will need new pair if done again.
- Goliath – Due Supanova Perth 2013
- Wreck It Ralph – Due Supanova Perth 2013
-- [REACTED] Almost complete, begin sewing soon.
- Volstagg – Due November
- Hobbit – Due December
- Eddie – Rocky Horror
- Ghost Smashers – TBA
-- On hold
- Doctor Octopus - Due Oz Comic-Con Perth 2014 (or maybe earlier)


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