Monday, 11 March 2013

On The Oz Comic-Con Hate...

Must admit, I'm getting a sick of the hate directed at Perth Oz Comic-Con. Organizationally it was probably one of the best cons I've attended, especially considering it was their first in the state, and I've been to plenty of them in my time. Seriously I’ve been hearing people I know who are con veterans like me, and I’m absolutely astounded by some of the crap that’s being put out there. Okay so the other state’s Oz Comic-Cons have been a fairly poor, Melbourne of course being the worse, but come fucking on this doesn’t deserve any of that crap being flung at it.

So it was a little packed? So you had to wait in a line? IT'S A CONVENTION!!! Seriously if you don’t want to be in a crowd, stay at home I’m fairly certain you won’t have to endure the pleasure of anyone else’s company. If you don’t want to wait, I’m fairly certain you’ll starve to death in a restaurant. Crowds and lines are a part of the convention experience, not necessarily a nice part but it happens and it’s unavoidable. Of course obviously you should never have to wait in a line because the entire universe revolves around you and you should naturally get preference treatment for being the awesomeness that is you, and of course every single other person waiting in line for the same celebrity should move out of your way because you deserve preferential treatment and the celebrities should spend an hour basking in your presence... wow do you honestly think that’s going to fucking happen?

Sure it’s an over exaggeration, well at least I’d like to think so, but some people do truly believe such things. Okay, there are those that bought the Platinum tickets and they get preferential treatment over us plebs that didn’t buy one, but that doesn’t mean they also get preference treatment over the other hundred or so people who bought Platinum tickets, that’s absurd and yet I hear such things. Oh you had to wait in line for 20 minutes for a photo, well what about the people that had to wait over an hour? Shut The Fuck Up! It's like some people expect a free blow job on entry.

Okay so I’ve calmed down a bit but this elitist attitude does still bug me to this day, and I think it’s one of the things that helps ruin fandom as a whole for the most part. Some people seem to believe that they should be treated like royalty at a convention, or they get angered about things that no one can control. So you want people to be denied access to one of the VERY few events in this city where that they can be themselves in public just so you don’t have to deal with a crowd? That’s mean and selfish. So you’ve waiting in a line for half an hour, so has the rest of the people in that line and the ones behind you are going to wait even longer.

The celebrities with long lines are obviously in high demand, and they have to get through literally hundreds of people who all want a piece of their time whilst trying to sign their names all those hundreds of times. Have you ever written your signature a couple of times on some form til your wrist ached? Now imagine that a hundred times worse all whilst someone is trying to get your attention, that’s probably what it’s like for these people. William Shatner is not a young person, so imagine how hard it is one him to do such things? Think about that next time you get all huffy about having to wait.

If this long rant doesn’t convince you, go to Swan Con; it’s probably more your style.

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  1. Over all, I enjoyed Oz Comic-con and so did Jess. I'm looking forward to next years one :) Also, Colin was awesome! XD