Thursday, 21 March 2013

What A Great Way To Spend A Birthday!

{Birthday Song – Richard Cheese}

So it’s my birthday! So instead of doing what I suppose most people would do on their birthday, which probably involves alcohol and hookers, I spent the majority of the day so far working on stage two of [SECRET PROJECT ALPHA] which is mostly just me modifying and cutting patterns and sewing stuff together, although I still found time to go help my Gran with giving her a lift to the Chemist for some meds! Today I also managed unlocked an achievement, I managed to sew a functing zipper onto the costume with completely screwing it up! I'm not entirely pretty but it'll be hidden by a cape anyway.

So yeah, I’m about to head off out for all-you-can-eat pasta and pizza in Freo, so the next you’ll have from me I’ll be feeling a little bloated... I hope I sewed enough allowance onto the new costume... oh well.

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