Thursday, 28 March 2013

Proton Pack Progression 3/3 – Reg

REG (2013 – Present)

The story so far...
By this stage of my Ghostbusting and Prop Building career I have either made or been heavily involved with making four movie based Proton Packs, and I must admit my skill has improved as it went along and my attention to detail was getting better as well. Thus it was decided to create a brand new Proton Pack that would challenge my skills to their limit and save the universe!!! Naw my fellow buster Jon and I decided we finally wanted to do the rare and elusive Real Ghostbusters Proton Pack. One of the problems with this build is there exists next to no plans to go off as many previous builders have either kept the ones they made to themselves or the plans that do exist are kind of vague. The other problem is that beyond the original concept drawings used for the series that made it onto the internet, the size and scale proportions change in almost every single scene of the cartoon series and some of the other details aren’t really well explained (for example the gun hook.. which I only figured out how it would work after I finished construction).
Jon designed and constructed the RGB shell out of movie board, which is a pretty strong and durable cardstock whilst I designing and constructed the thrower (with absolutely no existing blueprints) and worked on the electronics. Seeing as we both wanted one and we both wanted these done for Oz Comic-Con Perth, we essentially had to get two of (almost) everything and construct both at the same time. The construction took almost a month and believe me it wasn’t cheap as both of us sunk in a lot of time and money into this project, and they weren’t finally put together until the night before the convention (we still had a night to spare as we were busting on the Sunday, but we both knew we’d be too tired to do anything). There is still a few things missing and some things I would like to either replace, rebuilt and complete but it didn’t matter as we had an absolute ball that Sunday, and the whole thing was incredibly light due to the construction materials and no heavy batteries (everything ran off two 9v batteries).
Not much really to say at this point as the pack is barely a month old at this point so it’s not like it’s had any really memorable adventures I can talk about. Oh and why Reg? Well when I started writing this it was to be with all three packs and I knew I wanted to separate each section with the pack’s names... but this one didn’t have a name, and I couldn’t think of any. The previous names has come about because of a great event or a silly gag, so nothing really was sticking out at me; that was until I was writing it down as the initialization “RGB” and I read it and went “Reg!” and it kinda stuck in my head... not as existing I know but it somehow seems appropriate.


  1. Looks good. And with time I imagine this pack will be much better in your capable hands!

    Looking forward to more stories and adventures for future prop projects!

  2. Cheers, I had fun writing this and there always seems to be some great times to be had when putting on the pack! I do my best to try and take photos of the construction of any project so I post about it, but sometimes I'm so involved in getting it done that I never think to take them.