Wednesday, 6 March 2013

That Moment When...

... you're prepping to go out and you can't find a clean t-shirt that isn't covered in paint and/or glue. I did eventually find one (somehow my Wil Wheaton shirts have been saved from ruination), but I had to dig around. It says a lot when you’ve been prop building so much that you haven’t worn any ‘nice’ clothes in a while, even though I did two full loads of laundry the other day I still only had one unscathed shirt in there. This leads me promptly to two things I need to do after Oz Comic-Con; I need to stop prop building for a while and I need new clothes.

Also that moment when you realise you’ve accidently spilt super glue on your shirt... as you’re taking it off!

And in keeping with the progress photos I’ve been posting recently...


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